Rachel Wiley
❝ I don’t fear commitment. I fear wasting my time. ❞

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NSFW: Why Facebook Hates My Ass: Navigating Radical Self Love and Hypocrisy on Facebook ›


Written By Sonya Renee Taylor

Founder/CEO The Body is Not An Apology

This piece is an installment in the #WhenWeSayYES Campaign

[In this photo: Sonya Renee Taylor, an African American cis woman is leaning over. Only her backside, vulva (which is blurred out) and a portion of her thighs…

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I was doing really well until I had to come home and face that he isn’t coming to spend the weekend as planned. Cheer Me Up?

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Maybe I Will Write a “Horoscope” every time I get dumped

Horoscope for the Premature Scorpio #2

That Sad Eyed Scorpio Boy is a Midwest Speed Trap.

                Apparently he does not know what he wants-but it isn’t you.

Apparently, You’re amazing and all but it isn’t you

Today, you find your bursting heart again in the house of too much

Today it is okay to be angry and to want these last three months back

To want a return on all that hope you spent so easily on this

too easily on this

Today, your teeth are full of jade and questions with no point in asking

Today, You hate him for what you were willing to give up/ trade/compromise

and for what he will not. It is okay call out this cowardice.

In fact, go ahead and say the things you cannot take back. Fuck the consequences.

This was a mistake. You should not have come here

This is a mistake. You should not go away now.


Lucky Numbers:

-the miles between you,

-the 5 years between break ups

-That awkward time he thought you said I Love You

Anonymous said: I just saw your video on upworthy and kinda stalked you a little to here from their link, but I just want to say you are an incredible writer and I love your stuff. I just wanted to ask about your tattoo on your arm, does it have a meaning to you? Do you have more?

Thanks Anon!

I have 3 tattoos on my arms total. I have a little green apple-which I got in like 2007 or something its got sort of a long and complicated meaning for me-but in short is a reminder to question authority.

On that same arm is the line “I am too pure for you or anyone” from the Sylvia Plath poem Fever 103. -this is my favorite poem and that line in particular was sort of a mantra for me when I was 26  and holding tight to my virginity (for personal not religious reasons) and navigating the ungracious world of dating. It has evolved more so just into a mantra on not settling.

I have an old school style pinup of Ursula from the Little Mermaid on my other arm. She is just a culmination of so many of my favorite things: my favorite animal (the octopus) and fat babely powerful women.

On my ankle I have the silhouette of a cat sitting with it’s tail hooked around a star. It was my first tattoo  and its simply that I’d had a cat for 19 years and this tattoo was my little memorial to her when I was 22.

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New Poem Draft 3

When We Were Kings, One Day by Rachel Wiley

When my niece is 4 years old she leans across the table at Wendy’s
and gives me lessons on how to roar like a lion.
She tells me, Girls can be Kings too
She is making her fiercest lion face when a man walks through the restaurant
And tells her to Smile
That she is too pretty to have her face all screwed up like that.
She obliges
But she does so like a lion with still twitching prey in her jaws
And she growls
King of The Jungle is She.

Last week a man sat next to me on the bus despite a luxury of empty seats around us
He presses his thigh too close to my thigh
He breathes hard until I excuse myself to another seat
He spit balls the word rude at the my back
And I swallow the urge to growl.

Last week and since I was 15 I block another man from
the ol’ stumble and steady himself on my chest trick.
He laughs and tells me to smile
And I feel my teeth go soft.

Last week and every week at my job I dance a tango around my office building in order to avoid the security guard who looks at me like he intends to move in under my skin but there is no check box on an HR complaint form for the alarm sounds in my bones
I am a belly full of my own hot blood.

Last week my niece
who is 6 now
Smiled with missing teeth

And she is suddenly too worried if she’s pretty enough to be queen.